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Check Schedules
Reading Schedules

Check Schedules

To look up a schedule:

  • Enter your Route # or select a route from the drop-down menus provided.
  • Click "Go to Next."

  • Select the 'Direction.'
    • Keep in mind when selecting your Direction that no bus route travels entirely east, west, north or south. For example, if you choose the Direction of "East," not every stop along the route can actually be facing eastbound.
  • Enter the 'Date' as directed (MM-DD-YYYY), or select a 'Date' using the Calendar.
  • Enter or select the 'Time Range'. Time can be entered a number of ways. For example:
    • 2200
    • 10:00 pm
    • 10a
    • 10 am
    Note: If you do not specify am or pm, or use military time, you may get a schedule for the wrong time of day.
  • Click "Go to Next."

  • Choose All Stops and click "Get Schedule." OR
  • Customize your schedule. Select one or more stops from the list of stops provided and click "Get Schedule."